Thursday, July 25, 2013

give that guy a haircut!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately!  We've got a lot of summertime fun goin' on around our house and no time for working!

We're busy gardening (always) and finally harvesting, we've got some construction underway in the office, and of course, we're working on a few smaller projects here and there.

Here's a cute, quick and easy little craft project that provides for a bit of daily entertainment. 

All you need to create this cute little fella is:
an empty yogurt container (I used Yo Baby)
a few small pieces of felt (two colors is ideal)
googly eyes
some sort of seeds
First, we cleaned our yogurt container, removed the paper,
 and cut off the top ledge.
I measured one piece of felt to cover the whole yogurt container.  Then I sketched a few more pieces for ears and a trunk.  I did this super quickly.  Elephants with two different sized ears have more character, right?
 We stuck the pieces together with a little craft glue and added our dirt and grass seed. 
 Then we waited...and waited...and waited...
5 whole days, 
until we saw teeny tiny pieces of "hair"!  Carson LOVED checking elephant's hair every morning.  The grass grows so fast that it's a great change from day to day.  Now he loves telling me when it's time for a haircut!
Looks like it's time for a trim!

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  1. Whitney,
    What a cute project. I might have to have one ready for Olivia's next visit. You always have the best ideas.
    Happy to hear your summer is so fun-filled!