Thursday, July 11, 2013

a healthy summer treat

It's been HOT at our house!  That means lots of time in the sprinklers and plenty of frozen treats.  This is one of our favorite treats on a summer day (and it just happens to be healthy)!
If you're a banana fan you must give this a try.  It's perfect for kids.  Carson just loves it!

All you need is ripe bananas and a Cuisinart (or blender).
 First, freeze the bananas in slices.  We usually leave them over night but a couple of hours would probably do the trick.
 Throw the frozen slices in the Cuisinart and blend.
You can always get creative and throw in an extra treat.  We like a little nutella.

It makes perfect soft serve ice cream (or keep it in the freezer for a harder ice cream).

It couldn't be simpler...or tastier!

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