Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Etsy Lovin'

I'm finally ready to announce this fun project that I've been working on (for quite some time)...

This is my partial excuse for neglecting this poor blog (the two crazy little ones keep me pretty busy too).  I really do hope to give the blog a bit more attention in the upcoming months, at least by posting some of my recent creations!

Anyway, the news is...
I've got my fun little etsy shop up and running!


 I've been busy creating custom artwork, pillows and children's clothing!  Above is a little peek at my wooden signs.  I'll post some of my pillows and kids clothing soon (or just go check out my site)!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories that total strangers share with me.  I love creating personalized gifts, that I hope hold special meaning.

I've done so much fun custom work (nursery decor, weddings decor, baby shower gifts, special mother's day gifts, even worried grooms-to-be looking for the perfect gift).  It's such fun to create for these special occasions!

So there you have it.  That's just a little bit of what's keeping me busy these days and I'm hoping it will continue to keep me busier and busier because I thoroughly enjoy it!

Check out my shop when you get a moment and let me know if you've got requests.  I do love those custom orders!

OH and... since you're still hanging in there and reading this blog that so seldom gets a post, you deserve SOMETHING special!

Here's a 10% off code for an order on my etsy shop:

I hope you find something you like!

And one more quick note...this may be the best part yet...I'm at 97 sales on the etsy site!  If you're sale #100 you just may get somethin' special!