Wednesday, April 1, 2015

a little more Easter decor

Here's another simple, toddler friendly project, that makes some really pretty Easter decor!
Chances are you've got all you need for this project lying around the house.
Scrounge up some balloons and twine/string/yarn, then hit the kitchen for some flour and water and you're ready to start!
Blow up balloons to the size and shape that you'd like your eggs.  If you're going for "real" egg size you may want to try water balloons.  
Make a paste with the flour and water.  I used 1/4 cup flour and slightly less than 3/4 cup water.  You want the paste fairly runny so you don't up with chunky eggs.  Whisk well until no lumps remain. 
I found that it took about 18yds of twine per egg.  Our eggs were pretty large, though, so you may need to experiment to get the perfect amount of twine.  We used regular jute twine (that I buy at home depot) and some cute baker's twine.  I actually like the look of the regular twine better and it's a whole lot cheaper.  Plain old yarn would work great too!

Make sure to saturate the twine with your paste, then wring it out so it's not lumpy.  Wrap the twine around the balloon however you'd like!
It takes about 24 hours for these to fully dry.  You might be able to get away with less time if you dry them outdoors? 

The really fun part comes in when you pop the balloons and are left with these great twine eggs!
Now the house is all decorated for Easter!  Happy Easter everyone!

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