Tuesday, June 17, 2014

keepin' busy!

With a sweet baby sis in the family, Carson is quickly learning that we can't always drop everything and do exactly as he pleases.  He's learned that lesson pretty quickly, but I do have a collection of emergency activities that come in handy when I just have to keep him occupied.

I've put together quite a few fun ideas that are perfect for keeping little toddlers busy when you've got to send an email, throw in a load of laundry or whip up a quick dinner.

I'm going to do a few posts on this subject, so be on the lookout for at least one a week for the next few weeks! 

The best thing about these activities is that each one fits in this men's shoe box, so they can easily be stored away (and stacked) AND they each cost less than $10.

So here's activity box #1...

Jelly Beadz
This is the easiest box there is (thanks to Amazon!).  All you need are these beadz, your plastic shoe box, and some water and you've got HOURS of fun.  Throw in some kitchen utensils and it gets even more exciting.  Honestly, I couldn't help but play with these for awhile too, they're awesome.

This activity is NOT for children that still put things in their mouths!  The jelly beadz are non-toxic, but they're certainly not for snacking on! 

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  1. Whitney,
    This looks like something my granddaughter would like...we'll be babysitting her in early August. I'll watch for more ideas from your upcoming posts.