Tuesday, April 16, 2013

kiddo kitchen remodel

Who would've thought I'd be DIY'ing two kitchen remodels in less than 3 years?  I must admit, this one was quite a bit easier than the big kitchen!

It was high time for Carson to have his OWN kitchen.  I was tired of him trashing MY kitchen every time I tried to cook a meal.  He's such a great little helper, but somehow his "help" creates a lot more work for me!
He's very into pretending, so I was fairly certain that a play kitchen would be a big hit.

I'd been debating whether or not to purchase a play kitchen for the past few weeks.  I just love the retro kitchens from PB Kids and KidKraft, but I was holding back because they're spendy and we didn't really have an occasion to celebrate (we ended up cheating and giving him the kitchen for his 1/2 birthday).

Anyway, all my kid's kitchen research went out the window during my most recent trip to Ikea.  I just couldn't resist when I found a little Duktig kitchen in the "AS IS" section for $44. Like most things Ikea, their little kitchen is simple but cute as is, but with a little extra it can be REALLY cute.  My "as is" find was scratched up (and missing some screws) so I took that as my opportunity to get started on a little remodel!

Here is the original Ikea Duktig kids kitchen...
 And here is my remodeled version...
I used paint, hardware and tile leftover from our "real" kitchen remodel to keep the cost down and make it fit in with the real thing!

I'd say the project was a success.  I think our budding chef would definitely agree!  He's becoming quite the expert at whipping up a batch of play dough cookies.

More to come on exactly how I "renovated" this little kitchen later this week.


  1. Whit,
    This turned out so well. Our granddaughter is totally into cooking beside her mum...but this last visit I baked cookies with her for real and that was a blast. Good job.

  2. this looks SO GOOD!! and just like your kitchen. love it! can't wait to see it in person! get ready for mari take-over, too.

  3. Hi There, Fantastic job on the remodel. I just started with the same ideas today - we're going with red and white to match our kitchen! We have alot of the same ideas but i'm just wondering how you did your oven and microwave doors with the silver? Is that paint or contact? Seems like quite alot of sanding work to strip back that white Ikea finish... Would love to hear about your experience of that!

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Check out this post:


      It goes over exactly what I used on the oven and microwave! So far, it's been through lots and no scratches at all! I definitely wouldn't even try to get that Ikea finish off. Who know what that's even made of!?!

      Best of luck on your "remodel"! I had so much fun with it.

      You might want to check out this post on the details too!

      Feel free to get in touch if you have more questions!

  4. How did you paint/refinish the countertop, what product(s) did you use? I love this kitchen by the way....Jealous mom working on her own kid kitchen remodel. Thanks

    1. Sorry about the delayed response! We were on a little vacation.

      The good news is, my countertop was really easy! I just took the electric sander to the ikea countertop that came in the package. I sanded it down to remove all the glossiness and got it down to plain old plywood. Then I just waxed it with Briwax in Tudor Brown.
      Check out this post for pics and details.

      Best of luck on your kid kitchen. I'm sure it will be great. If your kid/s are anything like mine, it will provide for HOURS and HOURS of entertainment!

  5. Oh, wow! It's really a challenge in your part to work around in your kitchen, when there's a little angel roaming around the area as well. Hehe! So, giving him an own kitchen was really a fantastic idea. Your remodeled version of the mini kitchen was awesome. I also like the idea that you put a menu board above as it completed the kitchen setup. Perfect! I wonder if you have plans of renovating your own kitchen too. That would surely be awesome. :)

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction

  6. It's amazing! I really love the new pantry, and I'm sure Carson has been enjoying it, too. I'm not sure if my daughter is into kitchen projects as well, but you just gave me an idea. I'm going to remodel my pantry and see if my daughter would catch on. If not, at least I can use it myself since I spend so much time in the kitchen.

    Chase Conely @ GMRoth.com

  7. Oh! Making a mini kitchen for your little pumpkin is really nice! At least, you don’t have to worry about him roaming around your “real” kitchen, and hurt himself accidentally. It seems amazing for him to have his own space right? Haha!

    Paddy Wright

  8. You kid is such an innocent and very cute. I loved his kitchen model. He is busy with doing some kitchen remodelling I think. What an enthusiasm.. :)

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