Monday, March 25, 2013

the magic of spring

Me and my little gardening buddy are just loving the beautiful spring weather.  It feels extra great now that it's REALLY spring! 

I meant to do this fun little activity on the eve of the spring equinox, but life (actually, a super early work morning) got in the way.  Plus, everything is a little more fun when daddy is home to play with us!  Anyway, this activity is too fun to pass up so we celebrated the beginning of spring this weekend.  The season is pretty full of magic without any help from me, but I just couldn't resist adding a little magic of our own.

I gave Carson a handful of "magic beans".  They may look like jelly beans to you, but they're definitely magic beans because... 
He planted them...
 and woke up the next morning to...


Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. You are the best mommy. How fun. I may have to try this on our granddaughter, Olivia this coming weekend.

  2. This might be the cutest thing you've ever done and you're so creative! I am copying with M this week for sure!!