Monday, February 4, 2013

the EASIEST diy growth chart

I've got another growth chart for you!  This one is so fun and easy to make.  In fact, I recently gave it to one of my best girlfriends as a baby shower gift and I feel a little guilty writing about how easy it was to make her gift!  Not to worry, I've got plenty more gifts for the sweet little man on the way.

I'm so glad that Rosanna from Little Acorns By Ro found my blog a few weeks ago!  She makes vinyl decals to help with DIY growth charts and she sent me a set to try out.  THEY ARE AMAZING!!  No exaggeration, this growth chart took me 30 minutes of hands-on time!  Don't get me wrong, I still love my vintage growth chart, but this is perfect for those that aren't as into the shabby chic look (and definitely those pressed for time!).
I started with an 8 foot 1"x8" poplar board (you could go with a 6' board if you're not adding a name at the top, or if you want it a little shorter ~ I cut the board to 6'4" to accommodate the name at the top).  You can use any type of 1"x8" (the straighter the better).
I sanded the board for a couple of minutes until it was nice and smooth, then wiped away any dust.
Next, I gave the board a quick coat of stain.  I wanted it to be a nice medium brown color (not too light, not too dark).  I went with Minwax English Chestnut.  I rubbed it on with an old rag, left it on for five or so minutes, and rubbed it off.
After staining, the board needs to dry for 72 hours (so if it's a gift, you need to plan ahead a little).
I can be a little impatient, but I did wait the full 72 hours!  Once fully dry, you're ready to apply the decals.
I measured it out so it would hang 8 inches off the ground.  I marked 4 inches from the bottom of the board on each side, then continued to mark each side every 12 inches.  So, I marked 4", 16", 28", etc.  My growth chart goes to 6'8", which probably isn't necessary for everyone.  The family I made it for happens to have a seriously tall daddy, so I needed it tall!  If you want it shorter, you could make your first mark at 6" (it would then hang 6" off the ground and go up to 6'6"), or even make the first mark at 8" (it would then hang 4" off the ground and go up to 6'4").
After marking both sides of the board, it's time to apply the decals.  I was a little nervous, but this could not be simpler!  The set comes with six sets of 1 foot measurement marks and the numbers 1-6.  Each decal has two sides, one with a grid and one without.  You simply remove the grid paper, and carefully apply it right where you've marked.
I used a little spatula and a bit of pressure to make sure the decal was stuck tight.
After peeling off the paper, you've got perfect measurements!
The measurement marks alternate sides with the numbers right in the middle.
I think it makes a perfect baby shower gift!


  1. Whitney,
    That is such a cute growth chart, and what a fun gift it will make.

  2. Whitney,
    Love, love LOVE the way the growth chart came out! Wonderful to hear it was such a breeze, too. That's the intention of the decal, to make the project fast, fun, and easy! Thanks so much for featuring it in this tutorial, it turned out great. I'm sure your girlfriend was so excited about her gift and I hope she enjoys watching her little one grow up with it!
    Love your blog, keep up the lovely work!
    All the best,

  3. Ok I want babies just so I can have a growth chart from you! HA!! Amazing crafty work as always.

    1. I'll love your little munchkin so much, I'll put a growth chart in every room!