Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a messy little valentine

This morning our day took an unexpected turn for the messier.  Carson is very into feeding himself and it makes things pretty interesting.

I couldn't help but have a good laugh this morning...
I may have even joined in a little oatmeal squishing.
I figure anything that makes my guy this happy, is worth a mess!
 And, more mess = more fun, so we took the messy opportunity to break out the paint and create Carson's Valentine's day T-shirt.

He's got a date with his auntie on Valentine's (I have to work), so he's got to look pretty handsome.  I haven't had much time to check out the Valentine's attire possibilities out there this year, but it's usually a little tricky to find something in tough guy colors.

So, we took out our fabric paints and got to it.
First I used some paper and drew and cut out a quick heart.
I grabbed one of Carson's old white T-shirts and a nice big box we had laying around.  (We've always got plenty thanks to diapers.com!)

I taped the shirt to the box so it was nice and flat.  I then used my handy elmer's tape runner (it's basically double stick tape, but it's a crafter must-have) and taped right along the heart so it would stick nice and tight to the T-shirt.

The whole shirt was safely covered with tape, except the space inside the heart.
 Carson donned his smock (one of dad's old shirts) and got to creating his masterpiece.
This was no where near as messy as I anticipated!  Maybe we have a little artist in the making.
I had originally planned to keep things simple and stop with the painted heart, but it was so quick and easy that we added a little extra!

 I taped off stripes.
 Carson added some blue paint.
I used my favorite stamp set to add his name.

I think he'll make a handsome little valentine!

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  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Carson is going to follow in his mommy's footsteps with creativity!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet family.