Tuesday, December 11, 2012

brown paper packages tied up with...

a little something different!

This year I'm really loving paper bows.  They turn out perfect every time (and they're cheap and easy to make).  And if you don't have matching ribbon - all you need is a printer and the options are endless!

There are a bunch of wonderful patterns and templates on Ellinee (one of my favorite blogs).  You can also print out a blank template, print on cardstock and trace onto ANY paper or wrapping paper!
In just a few easy steps you'll have the cutest little package.

You'll need a couple of basics:
double stick tape (I recommend a little tape runner for all your wrapping)
paper of your choosing and the template or a pattern from Ellinee

{Step 1} Cut out your pieces.

{Step 2} Create your bow by taping the ends to the middle.  Three pieces of tape on the white side (one in the middle and two on each end) and you're all set.

{Step 3} wrap that tiny little rectangle around the middle of the bow
 {Step 4} attach the long "ribbon" pieces to your package
{Step 5} attach the flat "bow tie" and the bow to your package
{Final Step} top things off with a gift tag of your choosing.  I printed one on cardstock and attached it with a tiny clothespin.  I used one of my favorite fonts that you can download free here!

Now go surprise someone with your perfect gift!

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